Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Now that Tony Stewart has been given his semi-conditional release (he will not be allowed to take any current team members with him) from Joe Gibbs Racing, here's a look at how the news is being greeted across the vast expanse of the Internet:

So, Tony Stewart is taking the money and running away from Joe Gibbs Racing – the team with which he has won 32 races and two championships – for co-ownership of Haas CNC Racing. -- Brian Hildebrand of the Las Vegas Sun

And that is where Stewart's ever-growing interest in business, in finding the next challenge, has merged with the mindset of a man who realizes his racing career is finite. -- Brant James of

At last, the first domino has fallen: Tony Stewart’s departure from Joe Gibbs Racing is official. -- Brian Hunsicker of the Potomac News

What if the manufacturer roles in this saga, which is finally unfolding this week, had been reversed? What would the fan reaction be if Joe Gibbs Racing had still been running Chevrolets and Toyota came in and culled Stewart from that team to set him up with his own Toyota operation? -- David Poole's Blog

Joe Gibbs Racing will release Tony Stewart from his contract at the end of the season, ending an incredibly successful decade in which they won two championships and turned the organization into one of NASCAR's best. -- FOX

You know folks, I could have written this story back in May. In a number of columns since then, I have speculated that I believed this is what Tony Stewart ultimately would do and that we all should support him. -- Darrell Waltrip of FOX

Joe Gibbs Racing officials say the parting of the team and driver Tony Stewart is on good terms, and JRG officials wish Stewart well in his future. --

Add another line to Tony Stewart's resume: team owner. --

Joe Gibbs Racing and Tony Stewart made it official this morning, with an announcement that they have agreed to part ways at the end of this year. -- Dave Moody of The Motorsports Soapbox

After 10 years together in the Sprint Cup Series, Joe Gibbs Racing and Tony Stewart are parting ways. -- Shawn Courchesne of the Hartford Courant

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