Thursday, July 10, 2008


When all of the tumult surrounding the "would he, won't he" drama was shaking out early last year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. made one thing perfectly clear: he and his sister Kelley Earnardt Elledge wanted majority control of Dale Earnhardt Inc. as part of any new contract he would sign with his father's company.

Needless to say, said scenario did not come to pass as Junior moved on to the money-green, victory-laden pasture of Hendrick Motorsports.

Then, earlier this week, rumors surfaced of DEI being on the market and open for bidding. Or, at the very least, being open to bringing in a deep-pocketed investor.

Naturally, the question would be posed to Junior following these latest developments: do you still have an interest in owning DEI?

"I don’t mean this in a bad way, but I would not have any interest in purchasing it," Junior told the media in quotes relayed by Dustin Long in his online blog for the Virginian-Pilot.


Junior went on to say that the current climate of NASCAR, with even the most well-heeled teams seeking a monetary injection from outside investors, could have his step-mother rethinking her stance of a year-and-half ago.

"I didn’t ever feel like she would be interested in selling the company, and I don’t think that’s in Teresa’s character to give that company up. She feels that strongly about it. She felt that strongly about it a couple of years ago. I would be surprised. But maybe she sees the trend and some of the other things that are happening in the sport with other owners and its changed her mind."

WRITER'S NOTE: The full name of the current owner of DEI will never, ever appear on this blog. Out of respect to the memory of the true force behind the creation of DEI. Just thought I should get that out there and out of the way.


BruSimm said...

I'd say make TEI, I mean DEI into a museum and be done with it, but then it would be cheaper to build a museum than buy that place.

*Bummer* for them when they had the chance to sell 51% to Jr.. Now they've lost Jr., Budweiser, the bonus perks for other sponsors having Jr. on board, they're losing Mark Martin, Menards is shopping around and I can only HOPE Truex is now shopping around after his debacle.

Wouldn't Truex be the perfect addition to Jr's team if he moved Jr Motorsports to Cup? heheh.

If that's the case, poor Amirola would be all alone. He'd have to go looking for a decent team then.

It's a good thing I'm not vindictive.

John Taylor said...

It's a shame and borderline criminal what The Wicked Witch of the Southeast has allowed to happen to Senior's company.

If they lose Truex, they might as well go with the whole museum thing.

BTW, just curious: how did you find this blog?

Thanks for posting and drop by when you get the chance.

BruSimm said...

I plan on visiting on and off.

Google search. I have searches set up for keywords and yours came up this morning.