Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As is the case with all penalties levied by NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt Inc. will have ten days to file an appeal with the NASCAR Racing Commission in regard to the previously announced sanctions.

If/when the appeal is heard, The Commission has the authority to do one of the following: uphold their earlier ruling, reduce the penalties, or, in a select few cases, increase the penalties.

If history is our guide, and DEI decides to appeal, they will likely fail.


In late May of this year, the #66 and #70 teams of Haas/CNC/(insert Smoke's moniker here) were given nearly identical penalties to that of the #1 team after being found to have altered their rear wing mounts prior to the Coca-Cola 600. Haas/CNC appealed, but The Commission upheld their earlier ruling.

In summation? You mess with the COT, you will lose your appeal. At least in these types of cases, NASCAR seems to be very consistent.

Now, about that whole "when to and when not to throw the yellow at the end of races" thing they seem to struggle with...

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