Thursday, July 10, 2008


With Tony Stewart making offical what has been expected for weeks, here's a quick look at the post-press conference from those who were there to cover the biggest news in NASCAR this year:

Tony Stewart’s decision to leave Joe Gibbs Racing was all about opportunity. -- Jim Utter of the Charlotte Observer

Tony Stewart said Thursday that he will become the new co-owner of Haas-CNC Racing, which will be renamed Stewart Haas Racing. -- Tom Jensen of SPEED TV

Can Tony Stewart build a new team and make it competitive right away? Certainly he can. He just needs the right people in his arsenal to do it. -- Rea White of

Tony Stewart formally announced today that he will be a driver and co-owner of Haas CNC Racing next season. The new team will compete as Stewart Haas Racing. --

In the end the offer to become the driver/owner at Haas CNC Racing -- now known as Stewart Haas Racing -- next season was too good for Tony Stewart to pass up. -- David Newton of

He had never felt any desire to become an owner on NASCAR's premier circuit, never felt any need to entangle himself in the politics of the Sprint Cup tour. -- David Caraviello of

Tony Stewart, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team owner, was introduced Thursday at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. -- Shawn Courchesne of the Hartford Courant

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